Community Involvement

Serving others is who we are

India Culture Center (ICC)

Ramesh is currently serving as a board of director. He has been associated with ICC for the past 12 years. He served as a president-elect in 2004 and as a President in 2005. During his tenure as president, he was responsible for the completion of Gandhi Statue construction, installation and the dedication ceremony. He acquired tax exempt status for ICC land and transferred the land to India House Council.

India House

Ramesh is one of the founders of the India House Council. ICC created the India House council in 2004 with the help of former presidents of ICC and transferred 10 acres of land in order for them to complete the community center project autonomously. He is currently serving on the India House board as a secretary for India House Council.

Telugu Cultural Association

Ramesh is currently serving the final year of his second term (3 year term) as one of the trustees for Telugu Cultural Association.

Shirdi Sai Jalaram Mandir (SSJM)

Ramesh is one of the nine interim Board of Directors installed at the mediation of two fractions at the court to help set up the bylaws and install a full board.

South Asian Chamber of Commerce

Ramesh started his community service at SACC in 1998. He served on the board of directors for 5 years. During that time, he held the secretary position for one year and the treasurer position for two years.

Indo-American Charity Foundation

Ramesh was the president-elect for 2014. As a leading charitable organization representing the local Indo-American Community, IACF Charter’s mission is to serve the Greater Houston Area in education, feeding the hungry, providing for the needy and making healthcare more accessible.